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Birthdate:Aug 25
Location:Larimer, Pennsylvania, United States of America
"I was a fairy princess once. Everything was so nice and peaceful. Until one day, it all went HORRIBLY WRONG."

This quote sums up pretty much how I feel at the moment. And how I feel most of the time.

I'm a study in contrasts. I do counted cross stitch, enjoy rocking out to industrial music, bake a mean batch of cookies, and have multiple piercings. If there was a Militant Wing of the Apostrophe Protection Brigade, I would join up tomorrow. I'm guaranteed to lose every single game of "Can You Top This?" because I lived on the side of a mountain for sixteen years. The return of professional hockey to the airwaves makes me weep tears of joy. I play games, write a ton in my paper journal, and like to read military history books. I often forget to do the dishes.

I'm not the same as I was yesterday, and I won't be the same tomorrow. Personal change is my mantra.

As a note, my listed interests help to paint a pretty complete picture of me.

Napoleon Bonaparte: Bitch, Please. 18 count Aida, 106 colors, 224,025 stitches.

Bitch, please click me!
Progress, 9/23/11

Interests (133):

ambition, anticipation of future pleasure, art, awesome boyfriends, bad literature, bad movies, being flattered, being in the middle, board games, boys, card games, carnegie mellon, cartoons, charming geeks, cheeses of the world, chocolate, cmu, coffee, colorado, comfort, considering my options, cookies, cooking sometimes, counted cross stitch, cupcakes, cute hockey players, discovery, doc martens, drummers, editing, espana, eternal optimism, faking my confidence, falling in love, feeling at home, feeling loved, finding the perfect present, flirting with everyone, flowers, freedom to choose, fresh fruit, frida kahlo, games, getting rid of things, grammar, green day, hanging out with couples, hanging with the band, history, hockey, industrial bands, information, instant messenger, jason mraz, johnny cash, keeping a real journal, kingdom of loathing, kink-positive thinking, kmfdm, knowing lots of things, learning more, life, listening to conversation, love, machine-gun faeries, madrid, magic: the gathering, making new friends, meeting people, meeting rock stars, men, minimalism, mocking the establishment, mountains, movies, music that's music, my family, my playstation, my rock star boyfriend, my sisters, napoleon bonaparte, nature, navel-gazing, nerds, new beginnings, new experiences, novelty, obsessively checking my email, original artwork, penny arcade, personal growth, pondering, print comics, pushing my boundaries, rain, random music, reading like crazy, reflection, reinvention of the self, road trips, ruining everything, saving money, science fiction, seeing new places, self-examination, self-indulgence, sex, sexual experimentation, sexuality, sexy accents, sharing too much, sleeping in, spontaneity, star wars, starting over, staying up too late, sunsets, surprises, tales of mu, teasing the boys, the mountains, thinking, tranquility, traveling, typing your desires, using my brain, vegan baking, vegan cupcakes, video games, walking around, webcomics, writing, you fools!
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